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Skincare Routines by Age. What you need right now.

Skincare Routines by Age. What you need right now.

By Joshua Pierce, Credo Education Manager & Lead Clean Beauty Expert

Skincare. You know it, you love it and, if you're like us at Credo, you’re a little obsessed.

No worries…it’s a good, clean (fun) obsession, but it can easily turn into an over-buying story that, at the end of the day, can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s not always easy to pick the right products because one size never fits all—but there is a routine for everyone to bring out the best in every age…for every concern…for every clean beauty out there. First things first, never leave home without SPF—then find your routine…we got you. 

These routines address general skin concerns from your 20's and beyond. Hopefully this guide will make those frequent trips around the sun a little easier, less confusing and so much more beautiful. 


Best Routine For Your 20's

We get it, you've got places to be and things to do…aka, you’re a busy 20-something. Check out these multi-tasking products that won't break your schedule but will keep your skin glowing, youthful and healthy all decade long.

Best skincare for your 20s
  • Step 1 Cleanse: Indie Lee, Brightening Cleanser - This cleanser is the jam and a bestseller for so many reasons. Of course, it gently and effectively removes makeup but it doubles as a mask so you don’t need a separate exfoliator. And wait till you smell this one.
  • Step 2 Serum + Moisturize: InnBeauty Project, Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush - This is a two-in-one…your go-to serum and your must-have moisturizer. Super hydrating without being greasy AND infused with that magical Bakuchiol to help keep pesky lines off your face. Two big wins
  • Step 3 Refresh & Set: Herbivore, Rose Hibiscus Face Mist - Face mists... what can I say? They're just the best. Spritz to tone, set your makeup or whenever skin asks for a drink all day long. Quench it. When in doubt, just spritz.
  • Step 4 Protect: Kinship, Sun Reflect Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 32 - Who wants wrinkles, dry skin and age spots? So far – no one. Start protecting your skin from the sun NOW! Plus, this SPF leaves skin with a stunning glow all wrapped up in epic protection that looks good at any age. 


Best Routine For Your 30's

You've reached your 30's. First of all, congrats on surviving your 20's, but now’s the time to take your skincare up a serious notch. Don’t fret…fretting causes wrinkles. Credo has you covered with all the wonderful age-preventative products your heart desires…and your skin.

Best skincare for your 30s
  • Step 1 Cleanse: Osea, Ocean Cleanser - This cleanser is, quite simply, a game-changer, leaving skin radiant while washing away every trace of your day with nourishing Red Sea Algae and vegan lactic acid to say “buh bye dead, dull skin…it’s been real.”
  • Step 2 Tone: Neal's Yard Remedies, Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner - Frankincense may be ancient but it's experiencing a rebirth in skincare. This ingredient has been helping tighten and tone skin for thousands of years! The true secret of keeping your visage lifted and firm. 
  • Step 3 Moisturize: Alpyn, Plantgenius Melt Moisturizer - This beauty of a moisturizer keeps the skin balanced without overdoing it in the shine department so makeup doesn’t do a slip and slide or disappearing act. Moisturizer. Primer. Miracle worker. All with a clean boost of Vitamin C to brighten up skin’s day.
  • Step 4 Protect: Eleven, Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 35 - This product is one-of-a kind. A beautiful, weightless SPF that leaves NO white cast on the skin. Pop on a few drops at the end of your regimen to protect your skin against all that aging UVA/UVB damage. No time for that.

Best Routine For Your 40's

Hopefully, at this point in your life, you've created a skin care regimen that supports healthy, happy skin. Either way, skin in its forties can really benefit from a few key ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and lots of enzymes for exfoliation. Check out these options to achieve a radiant, glowing complexion. Age…totally becoming just a number.

Best skincare for your 40s

  • Step 1 Cleanse: Goop G-Tox Malachite + Fruit Acid Pore Purifying Cleanser - This one breaks down the day without stripping the skin. Makeup, dirt, sweat and SPF all melt away while skin’s left soft, bright and smelling divine. Yes, divine.
  • Step 2 Tone: Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator - This mist is a cult favorite in the toners category for a reason. It offers deep hydration and flash absorbency. Giving your other skin care steps an added boost of moisture!
  • Step 3 Serum: Saint Jane Beauty, The C Drops - This lux little treasure is a dream wrapped in a miracle. Vitamin C is delivered in an entourage effect with full spectrum CBD. It brightens the skin while helping to calm redness and inflammation.
  • Step 4 Moisturize & Protect: Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face Sunscreen - When reaching for a SPF, why not double down and use a product with a little pigment and coverage? Suntegrity 5 in 1 fits the bill when you need hydration, sun protection AND a touch of coverage.


Best Routine For Your 50's

In this decade, grace gorgeously steps in and age truly becomes nothing more than a number. You’re comfortable in your own beautiful skin and likely know many of the tricks of the trade by now. We see you, we hear you, we support you. This regimen is PACKED full of ingredients to lift, tone, tighten, hydrate, brighten and calm the skin. 

Best skincare for your 50s
  • Step 1 Cleanse: One Love Organics, Botanical A Cleanser - This oil cleanser breaks down anything the day leaves on your skin, leaving a refreshed, supple glow thanks to AHAs and BHAs that lift away lackluster skin cells and leave pores clean and nearly invisible.
  • Step 2 Tone: Marie Veronique, Balancing Hypotonic - MV is the one (Marie Veronique)…the master formulator of all things anti-aging working extra hard to keep skin’s natural moisture barrier intact and seal in that essential moisture to keep skin supple, plump and radiant…at any age.
  • Step 3 Serum: Mara Evening Primrose + Green Tea Algea Retinol Oil - You want a product that does it all? Rhetorical. This one hydrates, soothes, brightens and leaves all faces smiling thanks to an increase in collagen and elastin production. Add this serum asap…or sooner.
  • Step 4 Moisturize: Tata Harper, Water Lock Moisturizer - This formula is full of glow-getting ingredients in a quick-absorbing formula that truly allows skin to beautifully breathe without the weight of a heavy anti-aging cream. Lighten up while skin drinks up.
  • Step 5 Protect: Honua Malu SPF - This is hands down the best-smelling SPF you will ever find. I'm very picky about the way sunscreen feels on my skin and this little beauty is light as a feather and smells like a waterfall of floral magic. You heard right.

    Best Routine For Your 60's

    Let’s start with the wisdom that comes with age…sunscreen first. We know you’ve been sporting it for decades and look at you! One of my favorites? Kypris Heliotropic Pot of Shade which plumps, smooths and primes skin with a translucent veil of nourishing SPF. Onward…

    Once skin has reached its sixties there are some common concerns like lack of elasticity, dullness and loss of collagen. Collagen, oh collagen—wherefore art thou Collagen? This regimen is designed to plump, lift and brighten the skin. It’s prime time.

    Best skincare for your 60s
    • Step 1 Cleanse: Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Cleansing Jelly - This cleanser is a work of wonder with their Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex to drench skin with hydration as it lifts away the remains of the day, leaving you gorgeously ready for a new one.
    • Step 2 Tone: Marie Veronique Balancing Hypo Tonic -The last thing you want is to use a toner that will dry out the skin. Balancing Hypotonic is specifically formulated to bring moisture to the upper layers of the skin. Leaving you with supple, happy skin!
    • Step 3 Essence: African Botanics Infusion - Part micro-serum, part toner, part genie in a bottle. This infusion packs the punch of a serum with the lightweight texture of a toner to address all skin care concerns from large pores to dullness, sagging to dehydration. Need I say more?
    • Step 4 Serum: Juice Beauty Signal Peptides Firming Serum - Everything you need to know is in the name of the product. The firming peptides help sculpt the face more and more over time, resulting in a tighter more lifted appearance. 5-10 drops will cover from the hair line, the neck and even the back of the hands. Hands don’t lie…don’t forget.
    • Step 5 Moisturize: Evolve Multi Peptide 360 Moisture Cream - Are you noticing a peptide theme? It's because peptides are truly a powerhouse ingredient against stubborn fine lines, drooping skin and barrier protection. Firm up. Plump up. Peptide up.
    • Step 6 Night Serum: Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol - Don't leave your skin in the dark. This is the perfect dose of night time retinol and vitamin c so you wake up fresh, glowing and with fine lines softened. Gentle enough to use nightly. Do that.


      For All Routines

      Add a skin loving, radiant foundation! Exa High Fidelity Foundation is a first of its kind, boasting 43 shades. Not only do you get to cover any imperfections with this buildable-to-full-coverage formula, you get to bask in all of its skin nourishing ingredients, keeping your skin looking stunning at any age. 

      Whatever Your Age...Embrace It.

      Embrace your perfect imperfections. Embrace your beautiful self. SPF and a clean routine is all you need to let your true beauty shine through. Choose your number…choose your routine. Choose to smile. You’ve gorgeously got this.