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Marie Veronique Skincare

Marie-Veronique Nadeau is a chemist who founded Marie Veronique in 2002. As a trained esthetician and a former high school chemistry teacher, she continues to lead the way towards safe yet effective skincare. Collaborating with her physicist and bio-medical engineer daughter, Jay Nadeau, to carefully choose each ingredient in every product solving real skin issues and address aging at the source. Her vision is to give skin superior, non-toxic care drawing on nature's genius and science, with additional efforts to reduce packaging waste. Marie Veronique products have no outer packaging and are packaged in only glass bottles. Happy skin. Happy planet.

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Marie Veronique Skin Care

Marie Veronique aims to help people achieve realistic skin-health goals. Marie Veronique's clean,  natural, cruelty free shaving products, cleansers, toners, and serum formulations are based on the latest scientific research; vitamins and probiotics are a big part of Marie Veronique's success in addressing the most common skin-related issues. Customers looking to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes or hyperpigmentation have all been extremely happy with Marie Veronique's non-toxic skincare products.