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Discover Credo’s wide range of natural makeup, cleansing skincare & nontoxic beauty products and enjoy free samples of other safe and effective products with every purchase. Our latest additions to your favorite natural skincare and body care products are safe, non-toxic, effective, and perfect for achieving a clean, hydrated, naturally beautiful complexion. 

What's the one surefire way to make certain that your skin stays nourished, well hydrated and premature-wrinkle-free? At Credo, we believe it is using the best clean, safe and effective moisturizer for your skin type.

A good moisturizer does more for your skin than hydration. At Credo, we offer moisturizers and hydrating agents that not only treat your face and body to ingredients like fruit and plant extracts, but also provide long term, anti-aging benefits. To treat dry skin, there are products full of natural oils, from rosehip to meadow foam to hyaluronic acid. For sensitive skin, there are gentle, completely chemical-free moisturizers that hydrate and soothe. To combat oily and acne-prone skin, there are moisturizers that regulate oil production, clean out pores, and prevent acne.

Our collection of moisturizers includes serums, balms, lotions, oils, sunscreens and other non-toxic beauty products formulated to hydrate and soothe your face and body - all with clean, safe, non-toxic ingredients - every product at Credo is a safer, cleaner version of something you already love, from brands like Pai

Skin firming, wrinkle reducing, brightening or smoothing - Credo has a moisturizer perfect for all your needs and your skin type. The right, clean, natural moisturizer is worth its weight in gold.   There is nothing more important to healthy skin than proper hydration.  Discover Credo's extensive selection of moisturizers, including serums, balms, oils, creams, lotions and sunscreens featuring ingredients such as vitamins, algae, aloe vera, CBD oil and other natural oils, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, shea butter, and retinols, including vegan options.  Our cruelty free and non-toxic skincare products are a better way to achieve a beautiful, hydrated complexion.

Credo provides the largest clean beauty skin care assortment  and all products have documentation for ingredient authenticity and proof of claims.  Every product at Credo is a safer, cleaner version of something you already love.  Order online or let us help you curate your personal selection of Credo’s natural skincare products at Credo stores in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and San Francisco and enjoy free samples of other safe and effective solutions with every purchase.  Believe in better beauty with Credo.